The Orthopedic Group wrist and hand specialists help to diagnose a patient’s injury or discomfort using a number of methods, including diagnostic testing, surgery and rehabilitation. The goal of The Orthopedic Group’s hand and wrist specialists is to relieve the discomfort a patient is experiencing, regardless of the patient’s age, occupation or sport.

Malfunctions of the wrist, hand and fingers may happen for many reasons, and cause the patient great pain and discomfort with even the smallest tasks, such as writing or grabbing and holding objects. The Orthopedic Group’s wrist and hand specialists work with the patient, their primary care physician and rehabilitation specialists to develop the best treatment plan to provide the patient with relief and recovery of strength and function.

Some serious hand conditions may require surgical intervention by The Orthopedic Group’s wrist and hand specialists, allowing for restoration of functions and less pain. Through surgery, The Orthopedic Group’s hand and wrist specialists repair bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and skin to help eliminate the patient’s conditions.

The Orthopedic Group offers wrist and hand specialists that can help patient’s that may be suffering due to an athletic injury, work injury, birth defect, accidents or damage caused by repetitive motion, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Orthopedic Group’s wrist and hand specialists can help treat problems such as:
– Carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome
– Fractures
– Ligament and tendon injuries
– Nerve injuries
– Arthritis
– Deformities
– Tennis and golfer’s elbow
– Impingement syndrome
– Frozen shoulder
– Bursitis
– Pediatric hand conditions
– Dislocations

At The Orthopedic Group, our wrist and hand specialists are trained in the latest surgical techniques, as well as the latest treatment options to help you get the relief that you desire.